Invite me not

Don't send me an invitation , Gentalman
Of attendence as your speciall guest
I am just the dust of this earth
I deserve to crush beneth millians of feet
And I have no break
With being crushed .
This world has been running
In her own speed
She must have to save
Her position in the univers
But I am just the dust
The one of useless object
And move around here and there
In each blow of the wind
Neither there is any importance
Nor any address of mine
Invite me not , Gentalman
Even if I get up from my place
I am sure I cound never find
Another place in the sky
Even if I took support of strom
Finally I have to fall down
In this same earth
That is why
Do not invite me , Gentalman
I'm not suitable to your invitation
No not at all .

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