It is not a short love

The First day
When I saw you
You entered from my eyes
And stayed in my heart
My heart was happy
To feel you in each beat
It was like that
A dream of ages
Came true in my life
I was searching a true love
That starts from heart
And never ends
That was you ; My love
The First love in my life
Who gave me all the happiness
That I never had in my life before .
Who knows what happens tomorrow
So I didn't
When a tsunami came in my life
And swept away
All my happiness .
Time is crual
It's just a month
I had a good time in my life
And now you know it
Everything gone .
The last night
I was walking to you
Wearing those clothes
You picked to me a couple days ago
Eagerly I wanted to hear
"Nice" you saying to me
But it was not in my destiny
Just like this
I loose my love
I loose my life
I loose everything
Poor me : what could I do
I cried and still crying
Nobody cares me
It's okay
I just want to ask my mom
Why she gave me a flowery heart
Into my iron body ,
I can't but wish to commit sucide
So no grief can touch me .
I naver take my life as a joke
And today
My life made a big joke of me .
Now I knew ;
It was never a love to you
But still it's a love to me
Thatswhy it's not my last poem of life
I'm not committing sucide the next morning
Still there is a hope
A new sun will arise on our love
It is not a short love .

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